The ‘Busy’ Trap // Idleness vs. Rest

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Back in early July a friend posted a link to this article: The ‘Busy’ Trap by Tim Kreider. I finally got around to reading it today (blame my busyness).

A few paragraphs in I began to see the direction he was going. I was skeptical that he would land in the right place. But I think he did land in the right place. Almost.

Tim hit the nail on the head when he attributed our chronic “busyness” to a self-imposed hedge against emptiness — “an existential reassurance”.  Wow did he EVER get that right. But, I think he mistakenly used the word “idleness” as a suggested remedy. Apart from unemployment, idleness suggests having no substance or value or purpose. I think what he meant to convey was something more along the lines of purposeful rest.

Lastly, God didn’t invent work as punishment, but attributed the hardness of work to the fallen human condition (see Genesis 3). And perhaps a distinction to be made where the puritans are concerned is that the puritans recognized the blessing of vocation and believed rightly that keeping busy tends to keep us out of trouble.

I admire Tim for fighting the manufactured norm of busyness in our culture by having the courage to write about it. He’s onto something huge.

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