Swings in the Trees!

The Tree Swings

The Tree Swings

Since moving into our home in 2011 we’ve had an empty wooded lot beside us that’s been for sale. Since the economy and housing market has been improving we’ve seen the remaining available lots in our neighborhood selling and being built-on.

Those who know us know that we have amazing neighbors. Their house is on the other side of the empty lot.

We started talking to our neighbors about the lot and were all in agreement that we didn’t want someone to buy it and build a house on it, so we put together our heads and combined our resources and purchased the lot with them.

Close to our house, just inside the lot, stand two really sturdy trees with a decent amount of space between them over a pretty flat surface. When I saw them I immediately thought “swing set”.

I started searching for things like “swings built in trees” and “swing set made from trees” and ended up finding this page: The Tuscan Home: Spring Break Tree Swing Project where they laid out their steps and materials and included a bunch of pictures.

I spent a few weeks pouring over their info and measuring our trees and planning, and finally this past weekend was able to put it all together.

I am thrilled with the end result (as are our four children). Even our neighbor’s children who are older have been enjoying the swings.

Our girls and the neighbor's kids were all having a lot of fun.

Our girls and the neighbor’s kids were all having a lot of fun.

Avery swinging after breakfast before she has to leave for school.

Avery swinging after breakfast before she has to leave for school.

And finally, what was doubtless providence, it just so happened the best place for the swings just happened to be in full view from a reclining position in the hammock. Now, if only our kids can learn to swing without being pushed I’ll be all set.

View from the Hammock

View from the Hammock

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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